Photo by Dallas Curow.

Hi, I'm Meredith,

I am a freelance photographer, artist, and writer based in New York City.

I also write a blog, which you can find HERE. 

I am currently a rising Junior at Parsons School of Design in New York City. I am working towards completing my BFA in Photography with a minor in Creative Entrepreneurship. Additionally, I work for Schiller Projects, an architecture and design startup here in New York City, producing marketing and advertising content. I also work for HBFIT, a wellness company founded by Hannah Bronfman, as a creative coordinator and photo intern.

My past collaborations include... Boden Clothing, Richmond & Fitch, Thymes Fragrances, Daniel Wellington, JORD Watches, Hackney Coffee Co., Fentimans, RT Fresh, Mahabis, GODIVA, Happy Socks, Free People UK, Eastpak, Marquis, Local Wolves Magazine, Londonr Magazine, Dark Horse Espresso, Fika Cafe, Arkells, Sonic Boom, Soop Soop, The National Post, Pleasantry, The Elwins, Iconemesis, and The Tragically Hip.

My Philosophy

Photography is a means of expression; a glimpse into how others see the world. It is both capturing and documenting what is real and honest, finding those “decisive moments,” all while curating and crafting your own personal vision within the frame. My work is a looking glass into my world, a visual autobiography of sorts. The photographs I produce are oftentimes nostalgic, colourful, and cinematic, and they generally possess the use natural light of and careful framing.

I aim to create reflective and compelling work of the highest quality. I believe that making the time to put in the effort in hopes of getting it (that magical, photographic quality) right is the best policy. To me, photography is more about the process than the final image. I believe that great photographs require your attention due to the fact that they are ultimately raw extensions of the photographer, what they believe in, and what they love. I want to create work that holds this importance, and to create something of great beauty and value.

My art form is my passport, my vehicle, to experience and interact with the world around me at a higher level, permitting me to establish boundaries, facts, and fantasies within the four corners of my photographs.