The Staten Island Ferry, October 2017

The Staten Island Ferry is a place that peaked my interest last spring, when my professor brought us on a class outing to document the ferry. I instantly fell in love with its timelessness, it’s vibrant orange colour, and the sweeping views of Manhattan it offered.

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Spring in New York City

Ahhh...springtime in New York City. The air warms, the flowers bloom, and people start spending their days outdoors again. After experiencing all four seasons here, I can say with certainty that spring is without a doubt my favourite. Spring is a miracle in itself; death turns itself into life, and with this a new energy enters the air. The season has always made me feel jovial and re-energized, especially when grey city streets transform into urban jungles of greenery and concrete; a merging of the natural and manmade worlds. These are photographs I have taken over the past few days here in Manhattan, specifically showcasing Tudor City, Midtown, The Highline, and the West Village. I hope you enjoy, and that these images inspire you to capture the beauty of spring, wherever you may be in the world.