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Time is a funny thing. Some moments may seem fleeting, while others are more drawn out. As I have gotten older, I have become more aware of time and how quickly it often passes when we put life on autopilot.

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A Sneak-Peek at Boden's Fall 2017 Collection in NYC

Today I was so thrilled to be able to view Boden's fall 2017 collection here in New York City at the Smyth Hotel in lower Manhattan.

I am so happy to have had a lasting relationship with the company since my time living in the UK. Kieran and Lucy have been so stellar at running such amazing social media pages for Boden, and I am proud to have contributed images for the brand over the past year.

To me, Boden's clothing incorporates everything that's great about modern trends and classic looks. I also love how the brand is undeniably British, but often looks to other cultures for vibrant textile inspiration and other identifiable, yet unique, details. Boden considers every aspect of each piece, and really puts so much thought and effort into each collection to reveal a gorgeous ensemble that is not only aesthetically complimentary, but also looks amazing on.

This collection was undeniably British through and through; it featured tantalizing tweeds, floral embroidery, and so many vibrant colours. Many of the prints looked to those of the early Twentieth century for inspiration, including that incredible velvet pant-suit pictured below - a personal favourite of mine from the collection. This particular print was influenced by the floral wallpaper in a stately home in Scotland - how cool is that? 


I respect the fact they they look back at Britain's fashion, design, and textile history for inspiration. That sense of nostalgia is so evident in the clothing and it is something I so adore about the brand. They take these rich prints and fabrics and elements from the past and apply them to modern looks to create truly special and on-trend pieces. Whenever I wear Boden, I am almost always complimented on my outfit. There is evidently something so appealing and universal about their clothing that people love.

Much to my delight, a few swans made bold appearances in the collection. This hot pink jumper sporting a graceful swan certainly caught my eye. I think it could be used as an excellent statement piece come fall.


While viewing the collection, I was brought back to the florally smells of England in the spring thanks to this beautiful rose candle by Diptyque and the dainty peonies that lined the space.

Thank you for having me, Boden! I cannot wait to be flaunting these stunning pieces this fall. In the mean time, I will be wearing your beautiful summer collection. Below are a few of my favourites that you can get your hands on right now!


This post was done in collaboration with Boden, but my love for their clothing is all my own.

My Boden Summer Picks