Summer Strolls Though Kew Gardens

Kew, a botanical garden situated in southwest London, is a spot that I have been longing to visit for quite some time. I'll never forget seeing the undeniably grand Palm House for the first time in a book titled "London: A City Revealed," which uncovers some of London's most fabulous spots.

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Spring in London Town, Part 3: Chelsea & Saying Goodbye

Chelsea is undoubtedly one of my most favourite parts of London to explore, especially on a sunny day in the spring. The ivy-lined streets and cobbled mews awaken the Anglophile inside of me, causing very blatant romanticism and nostalgia to appear in my photographs. But, that's the thing about the residential streets of Chelsea. If you take away the contemporary cars and modern clothing, you are very easily transported back to another time. For me, in my own mind, that has always been the 1950s and 60s. To me, this was Chelsea's hey-day, so to speak. The district, dubbed as the 'borough of artists,' was home to musicians, poets, painters, designers and photographers alike. All working with and simultaneously against one another in friendly competition; painting the era we know now as the Swinging Sixties. Today, you are more likely to see those high in the rankings of the financial district, or washed out pop stars, living in this area. 


On my last day in London (on this particular trip), Pete and I went for a wander through the vibrant streets of Chelsea, chatting and enjoying each other's company. Taking the day in slowly, we wondered together about what the area might have been like long ago. Long before either of us were even a thought. This is something I love about Pete, not only our capacity to share wonderful conversations, but his ability to dream about places and other times alongside me. He also looks great in a smart shirt and sunnies (ref. below). A stylish one, indeed.

It's funny how these nostalgic spots of London creep up on you, too. The scene above launched to Instagram fame this spring, being documented and found by flocks of seasoned Instagrammers and bloggers. Understandably so, too! It really is a gorgeous sight. Though, much of London is relatively easy on the eyes. Knowing the vastness of London, I never painstakingly search for these spots, trusting that I'll find them one day - or maybe even better ones along the way. But, sure enough, the best things are found when you're not searching for them. Including the lush doorway below (mere metres from the sky-blue Clubman above).

After a long day of walking through London's prickling heat, gawking at picturesque doorways and sports cars, Pete and I stopped to enjoy a few drinks on the patio of a quaint residential pub before catching the Tube home. We sat for a few hours, chatting and laughing as the sun began to dip - being with each other and savouring every moment before I sadly left London the next day. On the last day you're always in a state of denial; a false sense of security that nearly ensures you will be staying forever comes over you. Thankfully, that will be the case one day, that false sense will be finally true. But, for now, it always hurts to leave - like your heart is going to burst with profound feelings of love and longing. However, London is currently calling, and I will be back so, so soon. Until then, I will be reflecting on the precious memories made this past trip, and the many trips before it. 


Spring in London Town, Part 2: Hand in Hand in Greenwich

Pete and I have what we like to call "Our List," which is broken off into two categories. One is for things we wish to experience together one day and places we see ourselves travelling to in the future. The other is a list of smaller things we want to do or see in London. Greenwich had been on the London list for quite a while, so we finally went and explored it together a couple weeks ago. I had been once before, but I wanted to have Pete show me around. He was a frequent visitor of Greenwich while studying at the Trinity Laban Conservatoire Of Music and Dance during his weekends in sixth form. 

One thing I love about Greenwich is it's architecture. Most of the notable buildings in Greenwich were made in the English Baroque style throughout the late 1600s, and sit right next to the Thames. Between the Old Royal Naval College, The Queens House, and the National Maritime Museum, any architecture fanatic would be impressed with the beauty and grandiose visions these stunning buildings offer. Go inside these buildings, and you are greeted with high-ceilinged rooms of exquisite paintings, accented with intricate mouldings of gold and royal blue. A truly beautiful sight to look up at and to photograph. I'm so lucky that Pete also enjoys getting his camera out and documenting our adventures around London. He is very methodical and patient when shooting, particularly because he shoots analog, and has a great eye!

After exploring the buildings down below, we made our way up to the Royal Observatory (where the famous prime meridian is located). It was lovely to sit on one of the benches together, chatting and looking down on the vast city and the lush park. Eventually, dark, looming storm clouds started to zero in. So, we ventured back down to the docks to take one of the Thames Clippers home, a fun experience in itself, but not before splurging on records and an ice cream, first.


Spring in London Town, Part 1: The Best Full English & Sunshine in the Park

There is something about the season of spring, especially when you're in London and in love.

After a busy semester at school, London was calling my name. London, as I am sure most of you know, is my most favourite place on Earth. While there, I feel alive, clear-minded, and inspired. It is staggeringly beautiful, timeless, and is full of resilient and talented people. Returning to London feels like coming home in many ways. I have spent so many days and nights full of laughter in this city; moments I won't ever forget. My boyfriend Pete, and my best friends Amber and Ollie, live in London. I stay with them when I come over. We are all such close friends, making for great double dates and wonderful company. There is something about the season of spring, especially when you're in London and in love.

On this particular day, a sunny-as-ever Wednesday, we decided to go to one of our favourite breakfast spots - the Recency Cafe in Pimlico. It claims to have the best English breakfast in London, and I honestly couldn't agree more. It is a no nonsense joint. You go up, you order, and they slam a mug of hot tea in front of you while you wait for your order to be loudly called by the owner, who happens to be a really, really cool guy. The standard breakfast consists of eggs, bacon, a sausage, toast, and beans - though, I always add hash browns to mine. The cafe also has so many other breakfast and lunch standards, including eggs, ham, and chips, burgers, and pies.

To walk off our delicious food, we wandered through Pimlico to beautiful Westminster. Having lived in and travelled to London so many times, I very rarely go back to this part of the city. It was so wonderful to see it all again, especially the Elizabeth Tower - an old favourite. It was the perfect place to capture some iconic London shots for my collaboration with Daniel Wellington - more soon over on my Instagram. On our way through, we saw a parade of Guardsmen. I had never really seen them up close like this before - and so many of them at once. I am so glad that I was able to grab a shot, as they started swiftly marching away just as we had approached them. 

We eventually found ourselves in St. James's park off of Buckingham Palace. It was so hot and sunny lying on the green under the trees; we even played a few rounds of I-Spy, which says a lot about how carefree the afternoon was. I even got a bit of a suntan! In England, you ask? Yes, shocking, I know. The weather stayed beautiful for me and Londoners over those two weeks, which was so, so special. When the sun comes out, the English do too; basking in parks and pubs all over the city. The sun shined until Pete and I were driving to Heathrow at the end of my visit to say goodbye (figures). But this was only just the beginning of a lovely two weeks all together.


Hazy from the sunshine, we walked back to the Underground through a very green Green Park - a jungle in the middle of the city. Flocks of people were out enjoying the sunshine after work, sitting in those stripy green and white chairs. Soon enough, we found ourselves in Islington, meandering our way back to the flat after a perfect day out. 

Stick around for Part 2 of my latest visit to London, which will go live next week. See you then!


Spring in New York City

Ahhh...springtime in New York City. The air warms, the flowers bloom, and people start spending their days outdoors again. After experiencing all four seasons here, I can say with certainty that spring is without a doubt my favourite. Spring is a miracle in itself; death turns itself into life, and with this a new energy enters the air. The season has always made me feel jovial and re-energized, especially when grey city streets transform into urban jungles of greenery and concrete; a merging of the natural and manmade worlds. These are photographs I have taken over the past few days here in Manhattan, specifically showcasing Tudor City, Midtown, The Highline, and the West Village. I hope you enjoy, and that these images inspire you to capture the beauty of spring, wherever you may be in the world.