Summer Scents with THYMES

Ever since I was a young girl, the fresh and authentic scents of Thymes home and body products have filled my grateful nose and house. My mum, who also is a huge fan of these products, used to pour the wonderfully fresh, and nectar of the Gods-esque, eucalyptus bath gel into my bubble baths. I remember always begging for more, as I could never get enough of it's fabulously fresh scent. To this day, my mum and I both still use the product religiously, along with the refreshing eucalyptus body lotion, and many others. Needless to say, Thymes have always played a role in my household, and still do today. The fresh scents of their products bring back memories of my childhood, and exist while I build new ones in the present. 

Thymes puts a lot of thought and care into their fragrances. To put it simply, their products smell like they are supposed to. With scents that are sourced from nature, Thymes products are safe for sensitive skin, are environmentally friendly, and ensure fresh, clean skin - they also smell really blooming fantastic, making the whole process a rather enjoyable one. The company, which has 30 years of experience under it's belt, uses high-quality and bio-friendly ingredients whenever possible, along with vital antioxidants and vitamins to nourish the skin. My skin always stays hydrated and smooth in summer's heat and during winter's cold dryness. 

Thymes products and their scents always leave me feeling invigorated and prepared to take on the day. Another one of my favourite scents from them is the fruity and crisp lavender, a truly classic fragrance and an old favourite of mine. The calming aroma comes in a variety of products, including body and hand lotions/soaps, candles, and cologne, each perfecrly crafted to tickle your fancy.

Very recently, Thymes redesigned their packaging, making their products even more gorgeous. I love the new natural wooden caps and stark, clean bottles; a perfect representation of the products within. They are stylish and thoughtful pieces to give as a present or to treat yourself to after a long week. You can order the products online via their website, and in Canada you can find many of their popular scents in Chapters/Indigo, which is where my mum initially found the brand. 

At the end of the day, I enjoy lighting one of their beautiful aromatic candles, which are made with quality paraffin wax and cosy, natural scents. The wick can burn for up to sixty hours, allowing for lots of use and enjoyment. Morning or night, summer or winter, Thymes products ensure bliss, relaxation, and revitalization.

This post was in collaboration with Thymes, who generously sent me these lovely gifts, but my adoration for these quality products and their scents is all my own.

Photos by Meredith Sherlock.

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