25 Facts About Me

The other day, I was planning out a few future blog posts, and I realised that I have shared very few personal posts on here, or on Instagram. Personal posts of this nature have always made me feel closer to the minds behind the blogs I read, or the YouTube channels I watch. What I love about this is that it allows the reader or viewer to feel a deeper connection to the individual behind the screen. They become real, and bonds based on similar interests, experiences, or characteristics are established. This is something that I personally find so beautiful about humanity. Who ever we are, and where ever we come from, humans can always find common ground amongst each other. I personally feel as if I have never been properly introduced to you all, despite so many years of being present online. Through this honest and intimate introduction, I hope that you get to know me a bit better, my quirks, my experiences, and my story, and for me to get to know you all a bit better, too (say hello down in the comment section!). Today I thought I would try something a little bit different and share 25 facts about me that you may not already know.

1.     First things first. To clarify, yes, my surname is really “Sherlock.” I get asked the question constantly. So, there you go – the truth! And yes, I have heard my fair share of Sherlock-themed-jokes throughout my lifetime; "No Shit Sherlock" is classic, but, I’ve heard them all. The jokes aside, I don't think I'll ever part with my last name. How could I? It’s awesome.

2.     I was born in a small town just outside of Toronto, Canada. I have also lived in London, England, and now live in New York City. I’m really grateful and proud of myself to have experienced living between three of the world’s biggest and best cities at such a young age. I believe these experiences have really shaped me as an individual, and have made me so adaptable to change. London is, after all, my favourite one of the three, and after school I know I will move back (I’m there often enough!)

3.     I’ve always really loved the meaning of the name Meredith. It means “protector of the sea” in Welsh. If my parents had not chosen to name me Meredith, I would have been an Arden or an Abigale.

4.     My first ever job was as a Starbucks barista. I liked it and disliked it all the same. During my final year at high school, I would have to wake up at 3:45 am four mornings a week to start my shift. That wasn’t much fun. But, I did work with a lovely group of people, and had some customers I really enjoyed getting to now. Now, whenever I’m back home, I always find myself seeing familiar faces everywhere, only to realise that they were old customers of mine.

5.     Peter Pan was my first crush. You know the one, the live-action film that came out back in ’03. Boy, did little me have the hots for that boy. I wanted to be Wendy Darling so, so badly.

6.     My favourite subjects in school were history, English, politics, and anything that involved photography. I always did really well in school and worked hard for my marks. But sometimes, even if you work hard, things just don’t *click* and for me, that thing was…

7.     Math! I was terrible at math in school. It was such a struggle for me, and I would always get 60s and 70s on my tests, regardless of how hard I studied. The only unit I ever did remotely well in was trigonometry, which I found to be quite fun. It was the only 90 I ever received in math. 

8.     Going back to the subject of history, I am a bit of a history lover, particularly when it involved WWII. In my senior year at school, I went on a trip to Germany and Poland with the history department to learn more about the Second World War. One of the experiences that still stands out to me was our trip to Auschwitz. It was a harrowing and unbelievably humbling experience. I’ll never forget it.

9.     I used to ride horses when I was young, and at times I do regret giving it up. Though, I suppose you can’t do it all. I do, however, still think horses are the most beautiful creatures out there and will always love being reunited with one.

10.  When I was little, I wanted to be a horse veterinarian. Now, I am pursuing a career in photography, writing, and business while studying at Parsons School of Design.

11.  A moment I'll never ever forget was when I first moved to London. I was taking a cab from my parent’s Airbnb in Putney to the home of the lovely friends I lived with in Notting Hill. I was alone, and as I peered out the window of the black cab, the golden late-summer sun was beginning to set over picturesque West London. It felt as if I was returning home, even though London had never been my home at that point in time. I still have never seen London look as beautiful as it did that day. It was new and inviting to my innocent eyes.

12.  From the age of eight, I have been in love with The Beatles. I used to be somewhat (very) obsessed with them, however, I now hold more of a respect for the members, their music, and the impact they had on the world and the music industry.

13.  Music is a huge part of my life. I have collected vinyl for about six years now and possess such a vast music library, which includes basically every variation of rock classic rock, new wave, jazz, and classical (I needed two iPods to fit it all, people). Though, I will listen to basically anything - if it’s good, that is. I’m a little bit nerdy about it all, too. I’ve always loved reading about and researching the history and lives of rock musicians.

14.  One of the craziest moments in my life was when Jimmy Page walked into the coffee shop I was working in and recognised me. Wait WHAT? Let me backtrack for you. A few months before this crazy encounter, I had lined up overnight at a Toronto bookstore to meet Jimmy Page and to have him sign his new book for me. I am a big Led Zeppelin fan, and I had been the first one in line that day. The photograph of me shaking Jimmy’s hand was put all over Toronto’s newspapers that wrote about the event. Flash-forward a few months later, and Page walks into the coffee shop I’m working at in London. I was absolutely gob smacked, and I tried to play it cool, only to have him say “hello, Miss Toronto.” I was absolutely floored that he remembered me from the day in Toronto. He would come in quite frequently after that and we would always chat about music, what the world was like back in the 1960s/70s, and London. I really loved how normal he was, and I am so thankful I had the experience of getting to make coffee and casually socialize with one of the world’s greatest rock musicians. For all of you wondering, his go-to is a flat white.

15.  My most favourite food is Indian food. I adore a good curry, and mattar paneer, and could probably eat naan bread forever. The best spot for Indian IMO is in Notting Hill at a place called Durbar.

16.  My parents are separated and both have partners of their own. Because of this, my family is this big, complicated, and wonderful web of people. It took a while to get used to, but thankfully my parents still get along very well, and I love the dynamic of having so many more family members. 

17.  I used to be painfully shy up until my mid-teens. I would still consider myself an introvert, needing time in solitude to re-charge. However, I do love to be around people a whole lot more than I once did, and my confidence in social situations has undeniably grown a ton. I would even consider myself to be rather chatty now, and most cannot even believe I had once been so shy.

18.  My style icon is Audrey Hepburn. She was such a class act and had a way with style that I have never seen replicated.

19.  I am a total Anglophile. I am so beyond guilty of it, so I’ve just come to embrace it with open arms. I also have a real fascination with the British royal family. It is the only media-driven thing I will allow myself to truly indulge in. I was one of those North Americans who got up at 3AM to watch Will & Kate get married. *swoon*

20.  I do not drink caffeine, but not by choice. Though, I do oftentimes sneak in a cup of black coffee or tea on a good day. I say on a good day, because a mix of caffeine and a change in air pressure, along with a few other things, is a surefire way for me to get a migraine headache. But, when all the forces align, I can get by.

21.  I love red lipstick. I think it is the classiest thing, and there is something I really love about being a bit bold. It makes me feel confident and powerful.

22.  If I could have dinner with three people, dead or alive, it would be with John Lennon, Princess Diana, and Winston Churchill.

23.  I have a really bad habit of cracking my knuckles…and basically anything else that can crack. I don’t do it as much as I used to, but I should really stop.

24.  I'm not at all sporty, but I do love to work out...does that make sense? For example: Tennis racquet/volleyball/football + Meredith = disaster. However, I do adore running, and normally run 4-5 times a week. Although staying fit is great, I honestly think working out just keeps me sane.

25.  I was once a pescatarian for a year, which meant I did not eat any meat besides fish. After about 8 months I got really tired of it (I actually just missed bacon) and wanted to revert back to eating meat, but I also really wanted to be able to say that I had been a pescatarian for a year. So, I muscled though. My redemption meal was roast duck at Momofuko. I still love fish, but I do enjoy a good steak, especially if it’s bison or lamb.

I hope you really enjoyed this post, and that you learned a little bit more about me! I would love to learn more about you. So, please leave me a comment down below telling me a bit about yourself and your interests!

Meredith xx