Adventures in Time + JORD Watch Giveaway

Time is a funny thing. Some moments may seem fleeting, while others are more drawn out. As I have gotten older, I have become more aware of time and how quickly it often passes when we put life on autopilot. When JORD reached out to me, I naturally had a look at their website. I always enjoy discovering the reasoning behind why a company makes or does what they do. This is such an integral piece in the integrity behind a company, which I respect and admire. I read the line, "Moments are bigger than minutes and your watch should tell more than time," and this deeply resonated with me. A watch should tell a beautiful story, and JORD's watches do exactly this.

For me, my time feels most fulfilled when I spend it outdoors; whether that be on a remote and tranquil river, or in the centre of a bustling and dense city. I lose track of time as I discover new places and participate in unique experiences. Experiences that have created so many unforgettable memories throughout my life, from childhood all the way up to adulthood. With JORD Watches, you can incorporate these key moments of exploration and nature into any part of your day, regardless of where you may be; a bold reminder that adventure is out there waiting, and that it is always ready to be chased. 


These luxury watches are made out of quality wood, resulting in a very earthy and clean look. They can be paired with a variety of personal styles and looks for an abundance of occasions.

I styled this gorgeous watch with a classic summer frock, a 1950s inspired dress from Boden. It reminds me of what one would wear during nostaligc summers in Italy or in the south of France. I thought the light and bright material allowed the beauty of the watch to shine, as it stands as a unique asset to any outfit.  

JORD offers beautiful and wonderfully timeless ranges of both men's and women's watches in a variety of styles. I instantly fell in love with the Frankie 35, which is made out of Zebrawood, in the colour navy.

For my giveaway with JORD, one very lucky individual will win a $100 gift code to use towards a beautiful JORD watch. What makes this giveaway even better, is that everyone who enters will receive a $25 consolation code to use on the site! In other words, you ALL win!!!


The contest ends 7/23/17 at 11:59pm. Best of luck!

This post was in collaboration with JORD Watches, but my love for this gorgeous watch and my thoughts (ramblings) about time are my own.