Spring in London Town, Part 1: The Best Full English & Sunshine in the Park

There is something about the season of spring, especially when you're in London and in love.

After a busy semester at school, London was calling my name. London, as I am sure most of you know, is my most favourite place on Earth. While there, I feel alive, clear-minded, and inspired. It is staggeringly beautiful, timeless, and is full of resilient and talented people. Returning to London feels like coming home in many ways. I have spent so many days and nights full of laughter in this city; moments I won't ever forget. My boyfriend Pete, and my best friends Amber and Ollie, live in London. I stay with them when I come over. We are all such close friends, making for great double dates and wonderful company. There is something about the season of spring, especially when you're in London and in love.

On this particular day, a sunny-as-ever Wednesday, we decided to go to one of our favourite breakfast spots - the Recency Cafe in Pimlico. It claims to have the best English breakfast in London, and I honestly couldn't agree more. It is a no nonsense joint. You go up, you order, and they slam a mug of hot tea in front of you while you wait for your order to be loudly called by the owner, who happens to be a really, really cool guy. The standard breakfast consists of eggs, bacon, a sausage, toast, and beans - though, I always add hash browns to mine. The cafe also has so many other breakfast and lunch standards, including eggs, ham, and chips, burgers, and pies.

To walk off our delicious food, we wandered through Pimlico to beautiful Westminster. Having lived in and travelled to London so many times, I very rarely go back to this part of the city. It was so wonderful to see it all again, especially the Elizabeth Tower - an old favourite. It was the perfect place to capture some iconic London shots for my collaboration with Daniel Wellington - more soon over on my Instagram. On our way through, we saw a parade of Guardsmen. I had never really seen them up close like this before - and so many of them at once. I am so glad that I was able to grab a shot, as they started swiftly marching away just as we had approached them. 

We eventually found ourselves in St. James's park off of Buckingham Palace. It was so hot and sunny lying on the green under the trees; we even played a few rounds of I-Spy, which says a lot about how carefree the afternoon was. I even got a bit of a suntan! In England, you ask? Yes, shocking, I know. The weather stayed beautiful for me and Londoners over those two weeks, which was so, so special. When the sun comes out, the English do too; basking in parks and pubs all over the city. The sun shined until Pete and I were driving to Heathrow at the end of my visit to say goodbye (figures). But this was only just the beginning of a lovely two weeks all together.


Hazy from the sunshine, we walked back to the Underground through a very green Green Park - a jungle in the middle of the city. Flocks of people were out enjoying the sunshine after work, sitting in those stripy green and white chairs. Soon enough, we found ourselves in Islington, meandering our way back to the flat after a perfect day out. 

Stick around for Part 2 of my latest visit to London, which will go live next week. See you then!