A Taste of Exmouth Market Grind with Amber-Rose

There is no doubt that my best friend Amber and I have a ton in common. One of these things is our undying love for food. We are a true pair foodies! My visits to London are always accompanied by a list of trendy new restaurants and cafes to try, along with our old standards, too! Grind is a favourite chain of ours. Great coffee (or so I've heard, I don't drink it), incredible food, beautiful interiors, and wonderful cocktails - what more could you ask for? 

Amber and I decided to grab a bite on a trip to check out Exmouth Market in Clerkenwell. The road had tons of restaurants, cafes, and independent shops. It was wonderful to see everyone out and enjoying the sunshine.

First, we enjoyed a mid-afternoon treat - a cocktail. I had the sweet Clover Club with gin and raspberry, while Amber had a White Russian Flat White on ice - so beautiful and refreshing on such a hot day!

Soon after we had enjoyed our cocktails, our food arrived. Needless to say, it smelled, looked, and tasted amazing. We shared the chorizo smoked cheese croquettes and an amazing cheeseburger with chips and avocado. Grind seriously has some of the best fries around. 

After a wonderful lunch, we decided to wander down from Clerkenwell to the Barbican, where we would meet Pete and Ollie, our boyfriends (aww) to enjoy the sun.