Summer Cocktails Made Better with Fentimans

With experience and heartfelt craftsmanship dating back to 1905, Fentimans has mastered the art of creating the perfectly balanced drink. The award-winning beverage brand, established by Thomas Fentiman, hails from Great Britain, and has gone on to impress the world with their botanically brewed goodness. It all began with their ginger beer, and Fentimans continued on to create a dynamic and tasty array of drinks. They make the best tonic water for a classic G&T, and have mastered their dandelion and burdock, an old British classic. Fentimans distills all of their products for seven days, ensuring each of their unique flavours are beautiful potent and accurate.

Today, I'm going to show you a few of my favourite summer drinks and cocktails; all made with Fentimans. The drinks will give off unique, elegant, and clean flavours, perfect for boozy weekends up at the cottage, evenings on a sunny patio down in the city, or right at home in your own backyard. Let's get started!

The Romantic Rose Lemonade G&T

The clean tasting rose lemonade from Fentimans adds extra elegance and class to the traditional gin & tonic. With delicate floral notes this soda does not overpower the gin, but rather accents it, leaving a fresh taste that's straight from the garden.

~ Fill up your Collins glass with lots of ice ~

~ Add in 1.5 - 2oz (depending on your preference) of Hendricks gin ~

~ Garnish with lime, lemon, or cucumber ~

~ Give the drink a stir to ensure a balance taste ~

If you are not fond of floral flavours, try Fentimans classic tonic water for an equally refreshing experience. 

The Brooding Black Russian

Dark and moody, this sweet classic is made better with the smoothness of Fentimans cool curiosity cola, which brings out the vanilla and espresso notes within the Kahlúa

~ Fill up a tumbler glass with lots of ice ~

~ Start by adding in 1.5 - 2oz (depending on your preference) of Grey Goose vodka ~

~ Add in 0.5oz of Kahlúa ~

~ Top off with Fentimans curiosity cola ~

~ Garnish with a fresh cherry ~

The Luxurious Lemonberry Tom Collins

Tart and fruity, this summertime favourite is perfect for sunny days spent on the dock- and that colour; it's just like a cottage country sunset.

~ Fill up a cocktail shaker with lots of ice ~

~ Add in 1.5 - 2oz (depending on your preference) of Tanqueray gin ~

~ Fill with one bottle of Fentimans Victorian lemonade ~

~ Include one generous handful of frozen raspberries and blackberries ~

~Seal and mix for fifteen seconds ~

~ Pour in to a Collins glass and garnish with additional frozen berries ~


The Phoenix Mule with Ginger Beer

~ Muddle limes with Canadian whiskey in the bottom of a cocktail shaker ~

~ Add ice and shake, straining the mixture into a Collins glass full of ice ~

~ Fill with Fentiman's ginger beer and garnish with a lime ~


Rum & Roots with Dandelion and Burdock

~ Fill up a Collins glass with lots of ice ~

~ Start by adding in 2oz of Zacapa 23 dark rum ~

~ Top off with Fentimans dandelion and burdock ~

~ Garnish with an orange twist and cinnamon stick ~

This post is in collaboration with Fentimans North America, but my passion for these incredible sodas and mixers is all my own.