My Stationery Must-Haves

Stationery - an organised person's dream. To me, stationery is a way of not only expressing myself, but it is my method of staying focused. Ever since grade school, I have been the queen of to-do lists, scheduling, and planning; without it I feel truly lost in the world. Having stationery helps me set goals, jot down quick ideas, and plan out my days in great (great, great) detail. I keep my general calendar electronic and synced between by iPhone and computer, however, when it comes to the day-to-day planning and to-do's I enjoy having a hard copy. Also, there's nothing better than the feeling of ticking off a to-do box - especially if it's a big project!

Today, I am going to share with you some of my most favourite paper bits and accessories to go along with them. I typically use these every day or multiple times a week, and I really do love the designs and stand by quality of each and every one.


The Week Ahead

On my computer I will have my calendar in month view, allowing me to see well into future weeks. However, during particularly busy times I like to see a more detailed version focusing on that one particular week - particularly while I'm in school. For this I use my Kikki K Weekly Planner. It has ample space for each day of the week, a space for things to begin thinking about for the next week, and grid where I usually write little reminders or notes. I love the simplicity of this planner. I find it's nice to have a minimalistic design for things like this; though it does have a metallic header, which jazzes things up a bit. 

Daily To-Do's

But again, this in-depth week view is simply not specific enough for me at times (excessive, I know). This is when I pull out my daily to-do pad. It is a colourful memo pad by Season Paper, which I bought in Goods for the Study. I'll write down every single little thing I want to accomplish that day, including the mundane things like doing the laundry or washing the dishes. This is when my love for do-to lists (and checking them off) really comes out to play. The satisfaction is way too real, people.

Thoughts & Notes

I always try to have a notebook on hand in case any "ground-breaking" ideas come to mind. I love Moleskine and Leuchtturm1917 notebooks, which are quite affordable for what you receive. They are simple, come in a variety of styles and colours, and are made with quality paper. I personally love writing on a grid format, which is strange because grids are often associated with mathematics, and let me tell you people, that was not my strong suit in school. Nevertheless, I find the grid keeps everything looking organised and consistent; however the format of your note book is entirely up to you!

Pens & Pencils

I am a traditionalist and I enjoy a dark blue or black ink pen; red is much too harsh and I find other colours just too difficult to read. I really love the pens that Muji make. Their Gel-Ink Ballpoint Pens are incredibly affordable and write so smoothly. 

However, sometimes I want to be able to erase what I'm writing, and in this instance I'll use a pencil (haha, obviously *facepalm*). I recently found an amazing pencil shop called CW Pencil Enterprise located in The Bowery in New York City. It's a small shop, but they have a large range of quality pencils and writing accessories at very reasonable prices. I personally enjoy a very dark graphite when writing with a pencil, or else I tend to press too hard, causing my hand to cramp. The Japanese-made Palomino Blackwing initially caught my eye; it is sleekly designed, with a soft core and black finish. It's probably around a 4B, so it's great for drawing as well. I absolutely love it. I also picked up the Office 9850, which is a great general-use pencil, as well as the Grafik HB #2 pencil (which I mostly got because it looks like a New York taxi cab). I also picked up a no-frills rubber eraser from L & C Hardtmuth, which is so ideal for many purposes.

Stationery in NYC

My favourite stationery shops in NYC are Goods for the Study, Paper Source, CW Pencil Enterprise, Muji, Moleskine, and Paper Presentations.

Stationery in London

My favourite stationery shops in London are Choosing Keeping, Kikki K, Labour and Wait, Smythson, Present & Correct, and Marby & Elm.

Stationery in Toronto

My favourite stationery shops in Toronto are The Papery, Take Note, The Paper Place, and Indigo